Much has occurred during this process that has evolved into the dynamic, professional, ethical, friendly and solid company that has been known in the industry for years without change. This has earned Varsatel Corporation a high reputation and name recognition in the industry.


Varsatel Corporation has been in the Telecommunications Business since its establishment in 1998. After undergoing the first transformation, it became incorporated in the United States of America in the year 2000, with the sole target of becoming the Telecommunication Specialist of choice.


Due to the nature of the business and the evolution of the same a simple set of changes had to take place, allowing Varsatel Corporation to transform into a lean, quick-to-adapt, holistic-integrated, pragmatic and successful company that establishes itself due to the high value of its core business element: excellent human resource and cutting edge proprietary technology.

Through this operations manual, it is intended to describe the standard procedures to be conducted by each and every Varsatel Corporation employee, while serving as an induction document for new team members to come.

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